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Did You Know?

"May i be the Light" is our current exhibition

Don Weinstein

What a scene at Photo Impact on April 21st as we hosted photographer Megan McIsaac’s show of portraits “May I be the Light”. A lot of fabulous people came out on a beautiful night to support Megan for her first solo show in Los Angeles. It was a great success with the crowd staying until midnight to enjoy the festivities and Megan’s intimate photographs. Many prints were sold which made the night even better than we could have hoped for. The show will be up until June 21st at Photo Impact so there is plenty of time to stop by and see this special show.    

Photo Impact prints Ellsworth Kelley Editions

Don Weinstein

Sadly, the art world lost Ellsworth Kelley in December of 2015 at the age of 92. Photo Impact has just finished printing a large edition of 54 images of his photographs. We are proud to be part of his creative process. These photographs are all hand enlarged, fiber based darkroom black and white prints. The initial tests were seen and approved by Mr. Kelley.  A selected set of images were recently on view at the Matthew Marks Gallery in Manhattan.  This was the first exhibition solely devoted to Mr. Kelly's photography. He started taking photographs in 1950 using a borrowed Leica, (until he bought his own in the 1960s), as "records of my vision and how I see things" as he stated in a 1991 interview, and were never part of the process he used for his paintings and sculptures. A review in the NY Times can be found here.  If you have any questions regarding darkroom printing don’t hesitate to call us. post by John A. Mozzer

Don Weinstein

We recently did over 500 cut film scans for John A. Mozzer. He had a request for the Noritsu grain reduction filter. He wanted it turned off. We were happy to oblige as he has been looking for a lab to do this for a while. He posted his experience on in a post called " Noritsu Scanner Grain Removal. On versus Off" His article can be found here. He also has photo examples posted. Makes for an interesting read and shows another way that Photo Impact accommodates our valued clients. Special requests like this are not new to Photo Impact and are welcomed here. If it is possible, then why not do it. We read so many posts on about labs that do not go the extra mile for their clients. We are not a lab like that and never will be.

A link to John A. Mozzer's photo collections can be found here

Gina Cholick at Krowswork Gallery in Oakland Ca.

Don Weinstein

Photo Impact, once again, printed for Award winning photographer, Gina Cholick. this is her latest work with prints from photo impact. More of Gina's work can be found on her website

 Gina Cholick collaborated with Nicole Shaffer in her project Where We Slept which was created during her separation from her husband. Nicole used the pieces of her marriage bed as sculptural elements in a personal ritual, which culminated in a three-day performance outside in the Orinda hills. During this time Cholick was able to collaborate with Shaffer to create a photographic narrative. Intimacy and vulnerability are common concepts in her work and Cholick was instantly drawn to the project because of Shaffer’s openness and raw sense of loss.


The photographs are part of Nicole’s installation on view at Krowswork Gallery in Oakland along with Schaffer’s sculptural elements, clothing, paintings and a video by Anne Klint. The show is on view through Dec 6, 2014.

Nicol Ragland Exhibition "INDIGENE"

Don Weinstein

A long time Photo Impact client, Nicol Ragland, has put together an amazing collection of her photography in an exhibition called "INDIGENE - A photographic exhibit exploring humanity's relationship with the wild" Photo Impact had the opportunity to work with Nicol, one on one, printing this show for her. The tones Nicol likes to use were perfect for her preferred paper stock of Hannemuhle Photo Rag 308. Nicol Ragland is a pleasure to work with and she can communicate her vision in a manner that makes it easy to attain what she is looking for in her work.

About Nicol: 

Native to Oklahoma and currently working in the Los Angeles area, Nicol has been documenting stories that speak to the nature of humanity for the last 15 years. Influenced and informed by time spent with the Indigenous in multiple countries, she continues to engage in a long term photographic and film exploration into humanity’s relationship to culture, the wild, sustainability of the planet and how best we can, collectively, navigate our way towards creative alliances that lead us to interdependence and more appropriate models of change.

As an advocate for social justice, she’s aligned her work to document numerous international non-profit organizations, including, Oklahoma based, World Neighbors.

Her current project, ‘ Indigene’ is a traveling exhibit and multi-media campaign, produced in collaboration with artists, catalysts and visionaries accelerating and emboldening one another to understandings of core human values, the resiliance of sustainability of our natural world and the potential of our technological abilities.


INDIGENE is currently on display In Oklahoma City from April 28th -May 5th. The flyer is posted below with all information and contact numbers.  Visit the INDIGENE website at and other examples of Nicol's work can be found on her website at

Photo Impact at WPPI- Party Time!!

Don Weinstein

WPPI 2014 was an amazing success for Photo Impact. We hosted a party at the MGM GRand and filled the room will friends and clients. With an opportunity to have colleagues network and exchange techniques and ideas, a marvelous time was had by all. Photo Impact has had a lot of positive feedback from this event and the free film giveaway did not hurt either. Some people met for the first time at this party, others were old friends. A selection of canvas prints were on display as an example of Photo Impact quality that so many clients have come to love. Below is a series of pictures from the party. Are you in any of these pictures?



Gia Canali's show is an amazing success

Don Weinstein

On February 27th, Photo Impact Imaging hosted a very successful show of Gia Canali's photographs. There was a great turnout and a nice mix of friends and clients. This was a time to socialize, renew some friendships, and meet some new friends. If you could not stop by, there is still time to see Gia's prints. This show will be displayed for about another six weeks or so. So please stop by. The prints are printed on a variety of papers so you can see the quality of our work. Below are some pictures of the reception


Fair and Square photo show for Gia Canali

Don Weinstein

Photo Impact Imaging is proud to present “Fair and Square,” an exhibition of new and collected photographs by Gia Canali. For those of you who do not know Gia, here is your chance to meet and talk with her about her photography. Examples of Gia’s spectacular photography can be found at Review her site and see why her wedding photography services are in such demand. In this show, Photo Impact will be exhibiting Gia’s photography on a wide variety of fine art papers and canvas from Epson, Hannemuhule, and Lexjet printed on our Epson 11880 inkjet printer using Epson's Archival Ultrachrome inks. We want you to think of Photo Impact as your Fine Art printing lab and this show will help demonstrate our printing versatility. The show will be located at Photo Impact in Hollywood at 927 N. Citrus, between Romaine and Willoughby. Google Map directions are available on our website at We'll have a reception here at Photo Impact on Thursday, February 27th from 6-9pm.  Details on the attached flyer. We look forward to seeing you here!!


Photo Impact welcomes Michiko Sonobe

Don Weinstein

Photo Impact is pleased to welcome Michiko Sonobe to our growing Lab.  An Art Center graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, it was her photography that caught our eye. Her most recent work with us contained a spectacular landscape shot in Japan and is featured here on this blog. Her architectural photography with infra red film is also a stand out. Her website shows off this multi-talented artist and we invite you to check it out here at Below is a short bio along with examples of her photography. Please visit her website and we think you will agree how talented she is. Welcome Michiko!!

Please click on the image to scroll through the gallery!!

About me...

Even though I graduated from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, I always had a great interest in photography... maybe more than graphic design. I decided to pick up my old Nikon F3 camera during my time in school because I had opportunities to use my own photography for my projects. I instantly became reminded how fun it is to shoot with film again. The problem was where I get my films developed... but my landlord, who is a photographer, solved my problem and suggested that I go to photo impact. I really like working with them because they are very professional and their office is very cozy and welcoming. They are even dog-friendly!……Michiko Sonobe

Happy New Year from the Photo Impact team!!

Don Weinstein

Well, 2014 is upon us and we hope all our clients and friends had a great holiday season. There are exciting times ahead for Photo Impact as we steadily increase our client base and look forward to the New Year with some great ideas. WPPI is coming up and we plan to be attending and catching up with friends and making new ones along  the way. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard and unsurpassed service for our clients.   A lot of the new business we get these days is from photographers who recommend us to others and for that we are very appreciative of the recognition. This is the start of a new year so those who wish to update their page on our site with new pictures, can do so whenever they want just by contacting us and uploading new pictures.We are looking for new pictures for the home page too. If you have a shot that you would like to see featured this year on our home page, send it to us and we can see if it will work for us. Keep checking back for some upcoming shows that we have been involved with and as always, keep shooting film.                                                                     

I'm In Miami Bitch !!!

Don Weinstein

A new book by Andrew Kaufman has been recently released about the Miami Street Art Scene of the Wynwood Art District. According to Andrew, "Every year in late November artists from around the world descend on the streets of Wynwood to remake the facade of almost every building, overhead door and nook or cranny where paint could be applied." He adds, "There is only one way to do this and that is with film. Film gives me the look and feel that the project deserves. It is how I have always worked and how I will continue to work. It is an essential element to my visual verite'. Photo Impact has been there with me every step of the way. Their standards are my standards and it has helped me immeasurably. Don and his crew from Photo Impact have been a great partner and collaborator throughout this process. I wouldn't have it any other way.

To find out more about this project, click here. More about Andrew Kaufmann can be found here


John Huggins at Craig Krull Gallery

Don Weinstein

John Huggins, a long time Photo Impact client, has a show coming up. Craig Krull Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica is displaying John's series called "Aspen" All these prints on display were printed at Photo Impact. These are unique prints due to John's special technique for taking these images to the next level. This show goes from November 30, 2013 - January 11, 2014. More info at the gallery website here and more info about John Huggins here. This one is titled "Aspen 17"

Aspen 17.jpg

Sunset Blvd Billboard

Don Weinstein

A client of ours, Brantley Gutierrez, recently shot this image of Adam Scott and Amy Poehler for an Adult Swim parody of the old Robert Wagner show, Hart to Hart. The high res scan from the original negative by Photo Impact was used to produce this billboard on Sunset Blvd. here in Hollywoood. Just another example of the high quality work you will find here at Photo Impact.


John Huggins show in New York City

Don Weinstein

A few months ago, Photo Impact had the opportunity to scan and print all the images for John Huggins' new series called "Once" . We are happy to announce an exhibit of these images by John Huggins. We worked one on one with John to get the color and saturation to his satisfaction.  This is guaranteed to be a very interesting and colorful show. John Huggins, a long time Photo Impact client, has several series of images that he exhibits and Photo Impact is proud to produce all of these for him. The information for the show is below and if you happen to be in the "Big Apple" during the show, you would be welcome to stop by the Sears Peyton Gallery to check it out. The gallery website can be found here, and John's website with his photography is here

Huggins show.jpg

Mark Elson featured in View Camera magazine

Don Weinstein

One of Photo Impact’s long time clients, Mark Elson, has been profiled in the May/ June issue of View Camera Magazine. Mark’s technique with wet plate collodian photography is highlighted in this issue. Using reproduction wet plate cameras with Civil War period lenses, Mark has captured the feeling of what it would have been like to be a Civil War photographer. He used this process in his book “Battlefields of Honor: American Civil War Reenactors”. His inspiration comes straight from Matthew Brady, Timothy O’Sullivan and the landscapes of Alexander Gardner. Some nice examples of  Mark’s work appear in the article. Photo Impact had the good fortune to scan and work closely with Mark to achieve the vintage Civil War look to his images for both his book and this article. Visit Mark Elson's website to learn more by clicking here


View Camera.jpg

The Bret Cole Workshops

Don Weinstein

Earlier this year the owner of Photo Impact Imaging, Don Weinstein, had the privilege of speaking at the Bret Cole Workshop in Lake Tahoe. This event was a huge success for Bret and we could not be happier for her. This event was written up in "Tahoe Unveiled" and a small part of this article is posted here. The full article is available here at the Tahoe Unveiled website. Contact Bret Cole Photography to join her next workshop coming October 21 - 23, 2013.

If you would like to see what this workshop is all about, then check out this great video that Johnny B Films has put together.

Click here to watch the Bret Cole Workshop video!!



More Positive Feedback about Photo Impact

Don Weinstein

All of our clients are special to us and the personal attention we give each and everyone plays a big part in our client's happiness. We constantly get positive feedback via phone, text and emails which tells us we are doing it right. Some of our latest email feedback has come from a long time client as well as three that have only been with us a short time. This shows that we strive to maintain that high level of service for every one of our clients both new and established. 

Some of our latest feedback: ( Click on their name for more examples of their work )

Color, tones, lack of dust spots- everything looks terrific. We're impressed.---Twin Lens Images

They look amazing! Thanks for making me look so good!!!----La Dolce Vita Photography

wow, they are still downloading (slow connection at hotel) but I am SO incredibly happy watching them come in.  Loving the 35mm scans so so much - will have to get some more of that 160S.  Thank you thank you thank you, this made my day :) ----Elisabeth Millay

If you're looking for the perfect balance, you've found it! Nowadays it seems as though customer service is an afterthought. But not with Photo Impact! They're a small business that has been around since before ordering from the Internet and times when there were actually more sales people than security guards in stores. And although they have old school ethics around taking care of their customers, their skill set is definitely rooted in the present. I've never had my vision for an image so completely understood and perfectly executed. Many thanks Photo Impact, you've got a devoted fan in me!