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More Positive Feedback about Photo Impact

Don Weinstein

All of our clients are special to us and the personal attention we give each and everyone plays a big part in our client's happiness. We constantly get positive feedback via phone, text and emails which tells us we are doing it right. Some of our latest email feedback has come from a long time client as well as three that have only been with us a short time. This shows that we strive to maintain that high level of service for every one of our clients both new and established. 

Some of our latest feedback: ( Click on their name for more examples of their work )

Color, tones, lack of dust spots- everything looks terrific. We're impressed.---Twin Lens Images

They look amazing! Thanks for making me look so good!!!----La Dolce Vita Photography

wow, they are still downloading (slow connection at hotel) but I am SO incredibly happy watching them come in.  Loving the 35mm scans so so much - will have to get some more of that 160S.  Thank you thank you thank you, this made my day :) ----Elisabeth Millay

If you're looking for the perfect balance, you've found it! Nowadays it seems as though customer service is an afterthought. But not with Photo Impact! They're a small business that has been around since before ordering from the Internet and times when there were actually more sales people than security guards in stores. And although they have old school ethics around taking care of their customers, their skill set is definitely rooted in the present. I've never had my vision for an image so completely understood and perfectly executed. Many thanks Photo Impact, you've got a devoted fan in me!