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Did You Know?

Gina Cholick at Krowswork Gallery in Oakland Ca.

Don Weinstein

Photo Impact, once again, printed for Award winning photographer, Gina Cholick. this is her latest work with prints from photo impact. More of Gina's work can be found on her website

 Gina Cholick collaborated with Nicole Shaffer in her project Where We Slept which was created during her separation from her husband. Nicole used the pieces of her marriage bed as sculptural elements in a personal ritual, which culminated in a three-day performance outside in the Orinda hills. During this time Cholick was able to collaborate with Shaffer to create a photographic narrative. Intimacy and vulnerability are common concepts in her work and Cholick was instantly drawn to the project because of Shaffer’s openness and raw sense of loss.


The photographs are part of Nicole’s installation on view at Krowswork Gallery in Oakland along with Schaffer’s sculptural elements, clothing, paintings and a video by Anne Klint. The show is on view through Dec 6, 2014.