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Did You Know? post by John A. Mozzer

Don Weinstein

We recently did over 500 cut film scans for John A. Mozzer. He had a request for the Noritsu grain reduction filter. He wanted it turned off. We were happy to oblige as he has been looking for a lab to do this for a while. He posted his experience on in a post called " Noritsu Scanner Grain Removal. On versus Off" His article can be found here. He also has photo examples posted. Makes for an interesting read and shows another way that Photo Impact accommodates our valued clients. Special requests like this are not new to Photo Impact and are welcomed here. If it is possible, then why not do it. We read so many posts on about labs that do not go the extra mile for their clients. We are not a lab like that and never will be.

A link to John A. Mozzer's photo collections can be found here