Scanning Services

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Photo Impact Pro retouching services gives your art and photography  the finishing touches to really make your print all it can be. Whether it is minor flaw removal or a full composite project, Photo Impact gives your images the full attention and care that they deserve. We offer top quality work at competitive pricing.


— Noritsu Scans —

Noritsu scans provide a fast, high quality digital image at a reasonable price. We adjust for exposure and contrast on every frame to ensure your images look amazing.

35mm and 120 film (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 & 6x9). For a list of file sizes click here.
Basic - $5
Medium - $8
Large - $12


— Flatbed scans —

Flatbed scans provide a fast, high quality digital image at reasonable price from your reflective artwork or photographs.


5mb - $5
6-25mb - $18

26-60mb - $25
61-120mb - $35
121-200mb - $50



—Custom high resolution fluid mount scans —

When you need the highest quality scans of your film or flat art, our scanners produce exceptionally smooth tonal gradients and a high level of shadow detail.  
Your film is fluid mounted, scanned, then color corrected, cropped, sized and rotated to your specifications.


Up to 25mb - $20
26-60mb - $30
61-120mb - $50

121-200mb - $75
201-300mb - $100
301-400mb - $125
401-500mb - $150



—Volume archive scans —

We can scan complete film libraries and vintage material including prints and slides to large format negatives.  Please contact is for a quote.